O.T. Genasis, if you’re not sure who–the guy who’s in love with the Coco, has been in the studio cooking up something other than the CoCo, new hits! After having celebs like Rihanna, Miley, and Ed Sheeran promoting his single, he is basking in the hype. He now has to follow it up with something hot before he becomes a one hit wonder. Genasis goes on to claim that listeners just like to bump the beat regardless of the obvious drug reference. Speaking on the record:

It’s definitely a dope record. It’s melodic. That’s what I feel and it’s talking about something that I like talking about.

Doing the interview shortly after releasing his record “Ricky,” he goes on to say how creative he is with music.

I actually think that I’m a genius, not to toot my own horn or anything, but I think I’m a musical genius.

People these days may say that hip-hop is becoming too out there and not making sense with the lyrics, but he defends the idea of feel good music saying that:

Music changes, life changes. It’s like Jay Z said, ‘If people like the old Jay, then go listen to the old Jay.’ I always heard that, but never understood it. Some people will go to work for hours and hours, just waiting to get off. Nothing against lyrics ’cause I can [make them], but nobody wants to sit there and study lyrics the whole time, driving back from work when they just got their check after a long shift. It’s not the same. Everybody just wants to be happy with life.

Although through the interview he didn’t talk much about his next mixtape due next month, he is ready to shut up all the haters. Saying that:

four months ago, motherfuck*rs told me I couldn’t drop another CoCo, So when I dropped it, now it’s like, ‘What can he do now?’ So nobody is ever satisfied and I understand that, but I’m going to show motherfuckers what I really can do.

Look out for O.T.’s newest, out soon and you can see the entire interview here.

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