D.C. rapper Wale went to visit Fredrick Douglas High School in Baltimore as public schools reopened after riots erupted in their city.  Within the last 72 hours, the youth of Baltimore have been called everything but youth by 24 hours news networks, the President, the Mayor, governor and well… Just about everyone else.  But, when watching the news, Wale recognized their issues and anger because he’d experienced the same injustices, himself.

Knowing that the children and the media would pay attention to his words, Baltimore pastor Rev. Jamal Bryant accompanied The Album About Nothing rapper to visit the students who witnessed (and some, participated in) the riots from the hours before.  Instead of condemning them for their actions and talking down to them, Wale listened and said, “Even in my state now… they harass me!  But first and foremost, I am here to listen.”

He added, “I get it.  I’m from DC, I’m y’all neighbor but I hurt like y’all hurt… I come from exactly where you come from.”

Watch his speech to the students and his powerful news segment, in which he encourages “everyone to come together,” and insists, “These are the leaders of tomorrow, they have to see something better than what they’ve been seeing on TV,” below.


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