26-year-old Devin Allen is a Baltimore resident currently living in the chaos of the Baltimore Riots, and was able to photograph a black man running away from an army of law enforcement officers; dressed in all armor. The powerful image made the cover of TIME magazine’s latest issue, and with an even more powerful title: “America, 1968 2015: What Has Changed. What Hasn’t.”

After making the cover, Allen took to Twitter with the following:

Cant believe i made times magazine ::: i did it for my city :: i have been crying all morning. We are fighting for the Past Present & Future ::: If you love this city like i do i need you to stand strong and support this city ::: show them how strong we are as one ::: #WELOVEBALTIMORE #Ripfreddiegray :::: #DVNLLN


Back in 1968, Baltimore – and many other cities – was experiencing some of the same issues. This was the year that Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated. Like the death of Freddie Gray, the historical death sparked riots among black residents and police.

Let us know your thoughts on the powerful imagery!

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