Everyone has probably heard that men are paid more than women. Some wonder, is it because men choose jobs that require more labor so in exchange they are paid more? Is it because women work less because they have a home to care for? I’m sure Ethel Merman felt that men were no better after releasing “Anything You Can Do, I Can Do Better.”

Well, Stacey Dash once again is airing out her opinion on Gender Wage Inequality during a conversation as she was a guest on The Meredith Vieira show, and apparently if you’re not receiving the pay your male coworkers are receiving – you’re not working hard enough. This is, of course, according to Ms. Dash.

According to Stacey’s logic, both women and African-Americans should quit making excuses for not being paid equally and just “work twice as hard to be equal.” Meredith fired back with statistics, stating that women are paid $0.78 ($0.69 for Black women) to every man’s dollar, even adding in her own wage gap experience, but Stacey still begs to differ, saying, “It’s against the law.”

Really Stacey? Like that has stopped anyone of any class, race or gender to not commit a crime.

Watch the full interaction below.

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