CNN is a popular news source.  Many people enjoy watching because it’s always on and there is always something interesting to watch regarding the worlds’ current events.  Still, during every major breaking news story or major coverage of an incident that gets national attention, they allow commentators and stand-in reporters to fill up their cycle of 24-hour news.  And here’s where the problems come in.

Before Marilyn Mosby announced all six officers involved in the murder of Freddie Gray would be charged, CNN had to apologize to the world at least three times for their reporters’ actions.  In case you missed any of them, the reasons for their apologies went a little something like this…


1.  Erin Burnett called members of the Zeta Phi Beta Sorority Inc, “gang members.”  It didn’t go well…

To play Devil’s advocate, she might not have been watching the b-roll or wide-shots scrolling across the screen. In fact, political commentator and TV One host Roland Martin thinks everyone in the media wrong for “spreading this story.”

Nevertheless, to save face, CNN apologized.

2.  Brooke Baldwin blamed the Baltimore riots, the violent ones in particular, on the Vets.  That didn’t go well, either.

In an interview with Congressman Elijah Cummings, Baldwin suggested that Army veterans were coming in to the streets of Baltimore, ready for war.  Of course, veterans and regular citizens called her out on social media for even alluding to that on live TV.  She apologized the next morning.

3.  Brian Ford tried to convince industry vet Kevin Liles that he was Russell Simmons.  That, was just… Kinda funny.



While walking the streets of Baltimore with Carmelo Anthony, Kevin Liles was mistaken for Russell Simmons, twice. Once with Fox News and the other time was with CNN reporters Brian Todd. Brian literally told the world he didn’t believe Kevin Liles was who he said he was. Luckily, Kevin took it pretty well and decided to focus on why he chose to march instead of telling him how wrong he was. Again, this CNN reporter had to apologize.

So, this is the thing… News happens all of the time and we can understand how crazy it can be to provide 24-hour coverage but CNN< and all news outlets, it’s about time you keep informed reporters and commentators on your payroll. Surprisingly, Don Lemon wasn’t called out his loaded way of reporting the news this time around but there are enough knowledgable people on Twitter alone, to enlist for times of emergency.

What happened to credibility? Quality over quantity? If the world can’t count on the “News” to be truthful, what can we count on?

BlameEbro readers, #Staywoke. Do your own research and never count on one source to give you your news. This ain’t 1995 anymore and unfortunately, in this game, ratings matter more than the truth as we all watched this week.

But, as always, if you can’t handle the truth, #BlameEbro.

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