2015 makes Philly R&B singer Jill Scott’s debut (Who Is Jill Scott? Words and Sounds Vol. 1) 15 years old exactly, and also is the year her fans will be getting a new album, her latest since 2011. The album is untitled so far, but we do know it is her Atlantic Records debut and expected to be great. The three time grammy winner spoke on the album to Billboard in February:

“[The album is] closer than it’s ever been. But I don’t think my gut is finished. I haven’t emptied everything out. This is my baby, you know, and it takes me some time to relinquish the reins. I might come up with another song or two. I don’t know.”

In her new single which she dropped yesterday, she talks about falling in love and how when you’re in love you can make some silly choices.

I was living a dream believing things that just ain’t true/ Oh, I can’t believe I ever believed in you / You had me chasin’ fools gold

Love can sure make you blind, and turn you into someone’s fool! Check out the new tune below and let us know what you think:

Scott also just announced a 25-date headlining tour starting July 13th in Pittsburgh. The tickets will be available for sale to the public on May 15th.

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