Kevin Hart is teaming up with Rally Health (a digital service that helps people monitor their physical activity), to raise awareness about healthy habits. Kevin told

“[Rally Health] is something that basically puts people in the position where they can understand not only the benefits of living right and treating your body the way that you’re supposed to, but the knowledge. The whole thing is about empowerment, about making people better.”

Hart is currently on his WHAT NOW tour, being sponsored by Rally Health. Even while Hart is on tour you can see him on the gram staying in shape regardless:

kevin hart

As the official ambassador for Rally Health, Hart is getting serious about motivating people to better their life:

“Reality is if you do not take care of yourself, you will DIE. Flat out. Plain and simple. You get one body, and that one body should be treated like a temple. You should take care of that body.”

Of course the comedian goes on to say that laughter is the best workout of all though:

“Believe it or not, laughter is a workout. Laughter is a nice little ab workout. I’ve literally worked my abs by laughing so hard to the point where that it’s equal to doing exercise. I think laughing is just a lazier route to take, but it does work.”

If you’d like to see Kevin Hart soon, check him out on the WHAT NOW Tour.

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