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The Game and Lil Wayne have been friends for quite some time, and have collaborated on multiple songs in the past. As the beef between Weezy and Young Thug begins to escalate, lines in the sand are being drawn, and Game made his stance quite clear during a show in Weezy‘s New Orleans hometown last night.

“My n*gga Tune ain’t never been Hollywood, he’s just been Hollygrove, n*gga!” Game said to the crowd. “You know what the f*ck it is, n*gga! West Side in this motherf*cker! If anybody f*cking with Tune, they got a motherf*cking problem with me! I will f*ck Young Thug up on Piru, n*gga!”

He then continued, this time adding in a shot at his long-time nemesis 40 Glocc as well.

Thugger was then quick to respond. Check out the clips below.

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