Women’s Wear Daily is a fashion trade journal, some call it the bible of fashion. As we all know the Met Gala took place this week, and if you are a fashion freak you were counting down the days. This year the theme of the night was “China: Through The Looking Glass.”

Celebrities like Rihanna, Kim Kardashian, Sarah Jessica Parker, Selena Gomez and so much more came rolling down the red carpet looking amazing. Now of course queen Bey was 2 hours late, but looking flawless none the less. Although WDD had other opinions on hubby Jay-Z.

“The smile lines are becoming too deep,” said WWD, giving his complete look a ‘C’ rating. “A bit of filler would do wonders. Maybe he can reach out to his wife’s dermatologist.”

If that wasn’t enough, WDD also had some comments on Jay-Z’s weight:

“The double-breasted peak-lapel blazer is an elegant choice, however, he seems to have gained some weight—it’s pulling in all the wrong places.”

Lastly, apparently he wore the wrong flower to compliment his tuxedo.

“[Jay’s] carnation should have been red to tie in with the China theme. It’s not the prom and he’s not the best man at a wedding.”

Better luck next time HOV..

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