After finding out Chris Brown came home to a naked crazy woman in his bed, we are just now getting details on who this woman is and what went wrong.

According to Bossip, the crazed fan who goes by the name of Amira Ayeb, has a mental illness and it was triggered by her “addiction” to super strong marijuana. She was once a normal school girl from Africa according to a source, then became a pothead apparently while attending college in Miami. She became so distracted by the weed she had to return home to go into rehab. The source went on to say that when she returned from college she seemed spaced out and just out of it, triggering him to suspect something was wrong. She finally quit and went “back to normal,” except for the fact she was now freakishly obsessed with the R&B artist Chris Brown.

She eventually returned to the states to attend college in Houston, where she returned to weed smoking since she was all alone. She also began to post videos of herself incoherently singing to her YouTube, and this is when the source said “I was afraid. It was an Amira I don’t know. I was mad, and sad.”

Ayeb’s last online post before her arrest shows the extent of her illness starting to show:

“I will never have to fight because God fights for me. This is the real me I lost my phone my computer I can’t not find my sounds in my flash drive. My name is Amira Kodcia Ayeb Brown, I am from Tunisia and I live in Los Angeles California I am in Malibu searching for my home. I have 21 years old I was born in 05/13/1993. If you will like to know more listen to my songs.”

How she ended up in California, I do not know. Reports even say she believes she is Chris Brown’s wife. She is currently sitting in a jail cell with a $50,000 bail. This is just another incident that should open the eyes of officials that we have to do something about the mental illness problem in this country. We obviously need better and more mental illness facilities, because it is not safe for people suffering mental illnesses to be walking the streets and breaking into homes!

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