OG Maco sat down with Vlad TV to speak on the shared opinion that Black culture is being exploited to the fullest, and to call out some artists. The interview starts off with him talking about the asian rapper Keith Ape who has the hit song “It G Ma,” which was pretty much an ode to Maco’s track “U Guessed It,” saying that he knows they didn’t mean to disrespect but he sees it as them being someone they’re not.

Maco goes on to say why white artists like Eminem and Gwen Stefani were so respected when they came out with their projects, verses others like Macklemore and Iggy. He also called out other people like Kylie Jenner for plumping her lips, and Miley Cyrus for getting a tour off twerking, both things black people have and have been doing for a while. You can watch the interview in full below:

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