With Snoop Dogg ready to release his newest album titled Bush, he spoke with The New York Times about the album’s sound, Hip Hop in general, and other artists like Iggy and Macklemore who have been ridiculed by himself and others in the industry.

Snoop said “Theres a void for that style of music,” when asked why he chose to sing more than rap on this album. He went on to say “I think if rap never came out, I’d have been a R&B singer. I would have been like Rick James, though an edgy renegade.”

Snoop says when it comes to new music, it’s all about finding the right sound. Not releasing it because you feel like you have to. After all, his last studio album (Reincarnated) was released two years ago, and before that (Doggumentary) which came out two years before that. “That’s what stops me from making records,” he admits. “Otherwise, I’d make one every year.”

If you can’t remember, last year Snoop went OFF on social media with the Iggy Azalea memes and seemed to hurt her feelings. They eventually made peace when T.I. stepped in, and when asked about her and Macklemore in Hip Hop he went on to say:

“Rap is supposed to grow. One thing about Iggy and Macklemore: They got soul. They’re inspired by Hip Hop. I don’t care how you’re gonna take it to your people and flip it and dip it and serve it.”

Let’s all stay positive and focus on what really matters: the music. Look out for Snoop Dogg’s latest album Bush, in stores starting May 12th and now available for pre-order on iTunes.

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