Zimmerman is no stranger to the media, and this time around he’s on the receiving end of a violent situation. Mathew Apperson, the alleged shooter, shot at Zimmerman’s truck after “road rage.”

Zimmerman’s attorney said Apperson was honking his horn and flashing his lights at him, and Zimmerman put his window up to avoid him but instead got shot at. The glass breaking from his window apparently hurt him more than the actual bullet. No arrests have been made yet, but according to the other side Zimmerman was the instigator.

Aspersion’s attorney Mark Nejame said it was act of self defense after Zimmerman waved his gun at him first, and told someone to call 911 after shooting at Zimmerman because he didn’t have a phone on him.

Zimmerman still has yet to be charged with anything but karma works in its’ own time.

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