Ted Wells is not happy with the criticism he’s receiving over the way he conduced his “Deflategate” investigation of the New England Patriots, and is clapping back at the people with something to say.

Via CNN:

In a conference call with journalists, Wells said he was not pressured by the NFL to conclude “it is more probable than not” quarterback Tom Brady knew underinflated footballs were used in the January AFC playoff game against the Indianapolis Colts.

“The conclusions in the report represent the independent opinions of me personally and my team. And those conclusions were not influenced in any way, shape or form by anyone at the league office,” he said.

Wells had harsh words for Brady agent Don Yee, who challenged the integrity of the investigation, noting that “the league is a significant client of the investigators’ law firm.”

Wells said: “But for those personal attacks, I will be candid with you, I would not have responded, but I think those attacks are out of bounds and unfair and just plain wrong.”

He then went on to address the issues with Tom Brady:

Wells said Brady was “totally cooperative” during an interview but would not give Wells access to his electronic messages.

“Most of the key evidence in this case, as in most cases, come from people’s cell phones, and he refused to let us review the phones,” Wells said.

Read more about the press conference here.

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