As we all know, Suge Knight was charged with murder and attempted murder following a fatal hit and run in Compton, California. Although the former CEO of Death Row Records has plead not guilty, he still remains behind bars.

Now according to TMZ, while in jail he keeps passing out, so doctors want to perform an MRI so they can find the cause. Unfortunately, the only problem stopping this is the fact Suge still has a bullet in his head from 19 years ago! And the crazier part? The bullet was intended for the late Tupac.

Back in ’96, Suge was driving the infamous vehicle with Tupac in it on the night of the drive-by murder off the Las Vegas strip. During the shoot out, a bullet grazed Suge’s head, which left a fragment in his skull that was never removed.

Suge’s attorney, Matthew Fletcher, says Suge thinks he will die if the doctors attempt to remove the bullet fragment from his skull. The bullet needs to be removed because it is interfering with the MRI but in Suge’s condition, but it is not looking promising.

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Source: TMZ

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