As of Monday, over 170 bikers have been arrested in connection to the shootings that left 9 dead and 18 wounded in Waco, Texas. Although the two motorcycle gangs the Bandidos and the Cossacks have had a rivalry for years, this shooting may have happened over a parking dispute.

On Sunday, the gathering of over 200 bikers at the Twin Peaks restaurant was intended to discuss bikers’ rights and how to work on issues of mutual concern. Apparently, that never got to happen and the police had to seize over over 100 guns from the scene. This is what the County Sheriff had to say:

“It’s like the Wild West, these guys become very violent to each other very quickly over nothing.”

The Department of Public Safety issued a memo to law enforcement officials on May 1st stating that the tension between the two motorcycle gangs had been rising lately. State officials consider the Bandidos the largest criminal biker group in Texas and rank them as a Tier 2 threat, the second-highest, being on the same level as the Aryan Brotherhood, the Bloods and the Crips.

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