Over the weekend, Jay Z performed two TIDAL X shows (May 16, 17) with the same backdrop – an Interstate 95 South sign. Dj Clark Kent took to the gram to talk about why the interstate 95 sign was there. He claims that was the interstate that Jay Z would use to transport drugs during his dealing days. In DJ Clark Kent’s instagram post he wrote:

“Before I could search, find, and convince Jay to get to the music, this was the way, the road, the route to the paper,”

In the caption he also says how an early song named “95 South” quickly became their theme song. It was no surprise to the fans though, since Jay Z has mentioned that he sold drugs before to Vanity Fair and mentioned it in songs like “Feelin’ It” and “Oceans” among others.

If you missed his TIDAL performances, during them he dissed Spotify and YouTube in a “B-Sides” freestyle and payed his respect to Chinx, going on to say that we need to understand we are all kings and queens and we have to stop killing each other.

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