According to Deadline, Gobi Rahimi, who directed and produced videos for 2pac during his time with Deathrow, is creating a movie about Tupac and needs our help to make it come to life. Rahimi just launched an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign for the film. The goal is $300,000 to fund the movie, and it is currently at $4,700. On the site, he goes on to say exactly what percentage of the money will be going to what. Rahimi also gives readers his inspiration for doing this:

“I was waiting for Tupac at Club 662 in Las Vegas after the Mike Tyson fight on September 7, 1996. Soon after, I was informed by rapper Nate Dogg that Tupac and Suge Knight had been shot and taken to University Hospital. I immediately rushed there to be by Tupac’s side. This was the first of an emotional seven days that I sat guard over Tupac, who was in an induced coma, riding the line between life and death. 7Dayz is the story of my experience at the hospital amidst death threats, undercover FBI informants and an uncooperative police department.”

Let’s hope he gets the funds for this movie and that by the 20th anniversary of Tupac’s death (September 13, 2016) the fans can be blessed with an awesome biopic about his last couple days.


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