As we all know, Drake hosted his second annual Houston Appreciation Weekend this past weekend.

The weekend started off with Bun B’s tribute event, where Drake even tracked down Bun B’s high school English teacher to talk about the iconic rapper.

During the tribute Drake told Bun B:

“You made me a lot cooler than I was.”

As for the celebrity softball game, along with the OVO leader himself, a lot of familiar faces were in attendance such as Ne-Yo, NY Giants Wide Receiver O’dell Beckham Jr., and Cleveland Browns Wide Receiver Dwayne Bowe.

To many, it seems Drake made this a successful weekend.  But to some Houston natives, such as popular Houston rapper Sauce Walka of the Sauce Twinz, it did not. I say this because he posted a video on Sunday accusing Drake of stealing the Houston culture for “lyrical content.”

He also claimed Drake did nothing for the community but “hosting a family fun day” instead of collaborating with local artists. Drake replied on the video with sleeping emojis. Check out the video below.

A few weeks back, Drake had posted a photo with Sauce Walka and captioned it that a remix was coming soon, and it’s now believed that since that verse did not materialize, that’s why Sauce is upset. Hopefully the guys sort it out soon.

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