After all the drama and social media rants, as always, Chris Brown sends out an apology over the Tyson Beckford and Karrueche rumors. Now correct me if I am wrong, but I believe Chris has no legitimate reason to even get mad if Karrueche is moving on, after all he did do her wrong.

Anyways, Ms.Tran stopped by Big Boy’s radio show on Real 92.3 in L.A. to address a few rumors that have been circulating. First thing she cleared up is that, she is 100% SINGLE! Karrueche also stated that she tries to avoid bumping into Breezy at all cost, just so things don’t get weird because in her position, do you even say hi or just give the awkward stare? Who knows.

Now when asked if there was any drama between her and Rihanna, she said,

“No, we just dated the same guy. It’s always like a competition thing and they compare us. She is Rihanna, she’s a pop star, she’s beautiful, she makes great music. And I’m just me. I’m growing and working into myself. You can’t really compare us because we’re two completely different girls.”

Check out the video when she stopped by Big Boy’s radio show below!

On Chris/Rihanna/Royalty:

Full interview:

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