We have a little hip-hop history for you on this fine Thursday!

Legendary producer Alchemist was the guest for the debut episode of ItsTheReal’s podcast, “A Waste Of Time,” this week, and told the hosts Eric and Jeff Rosenthal about a Jay Z collaboration that never happened.

Did you know: Jadakiss’ hit single “We Gon’ Make It” off of his debut album Kiss Tha Game Goodbye was originally given to Hov, but he turned it down? Stupid? Perhaps, but he probably felt that his flow wouldn’t ride out with the beat. Oh, and another gem: even more it got to Hov, it was actually made for Nas!

“I laid that beat for Nas. I had the beat, I knew it was dope. I played it for Nas… He and Horse said it’s gonna be a solo song.”

Two weeks later, Alchemist returned and the track was given to another artist, but he declined the collaboration and was introduced to Jadakiss. After playing several tracks for Jada, the Lox rapper turned his favorite beat into “We Gonna Make It”.

Check out the podcast below!

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