Just a few months after going public, Nicki Minaj and Meek Mill seem to have called it quits. Although nothing has been confirmed yet, the couple seems to have been throwing subliminal messages over social media this past weekend.

Most of us had assumed that the couple had gotten one step closer to tying the knot after seeing pictures of a ring on Nicki’s finger, that both Nicki and Meek had posted on Instagram. However, just last week the rumor of their engagement was put to sleep. Seems like they’ve actually taken two steps back.

Assuming that the breakup did happen, Nicki seems to be the one who walked away, “dodging the bullet” as she claimed. While Meek seems to have gotten the shorter end of the stick and is feeling more openly emotional toward the situation.

Will this be a breakup to make up, or will there be no looking back?

Check out what the two have been posting and captioning below!

Nicki Minaj IG

Nick Minaj IG

Meek Mill IG

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