Bay area rapper Lil B, also known as the Based God, recently made his way back to the University of California, Los Angles (UCLA) to lecture an audience made up of over 700 students.

For the opening of his second UCLA lecture, Lil B began his unexpectedly inspirational speech with a quote that he made “exclusively” for his UCLA audience.

“It’s an honor to be you, so make sure you care,” he said, after which the crowd gave him a round of applause.

Throughout his hour and fifteen minute talk, Lil B made sure to speak on topics such as individuality, love, self-worth and mental health.

“We always have to remember the pure fact that we’re good people, we’re beautiful people, and you’ve always got to remember that. You’re special. You made it. I love you. There are a lot of other people that love you. A lot of other people that you might not even know.”

Lil B seems to be growing as a figure of motivational speaking, with UCLA serving as only one of several colleges he has spoken at. Luckily for those of us who couldn’t be in the audience this past weekend, someone was smart and kind enough to film the the whole speech and share it on YouTube. Check it out below.

Thank you, Based God.

Source: Music Times

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