Brian Williams has been laying low since his suspension without pay from NBC for telling an exaggerated version of his experience of covering the war in Iraq back in 2003. Clear proof that all lies eventually do catch up to you.

NBC seems to be more forgiving than some of us expected and hoped they’d be. CNN reported on Sunday that NBC is currently busy brainstorming of positions that could be given to Williams to keep him as an employer of the company he’s called home since 1993.

According to CNN’s Brian Stelter, the best idea that NBC has come up with so far is to either keep Williams around with a role other than a nightly news anchor, or send him off….with $30 million.

William’s original contract was for $50 million, so although he would be losing $20 million if he was to be sent home for good, I don’t see Williams being much of a loser in any of those two options.

A more appropriate and maybe appreciated route to forgiveness might have been a thorough NBC interview with Williams regarding the scandal. Agree?

Source: Complex

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