Method Man finally got his ass off the couch and revealed his release date and cover art for his new LP The Meth Lab.

Originally, the album was due out in March but the new release date is Aug. 21, making it one of summer’s most highly anticipated releases.  The album will feature Raekwon, Redman, Hanz On and others, while bringing the focus back to Meth’s native Staten Island.  In a new interview with The Nerdist, he said:

 I wanted this one to be a platform for more Staten Island artists to be heard that aren’t getting heard, because you know if it isn’t Wu Tang–I mean, we never blocked anyone from trying to get a record deal. I mean the way the record industry works is, if something’s not broke, don’t fix it. Bottom line is there’s a lot more talent to be heard from Staten Island outside of Wu Tang artists, and these kids are dope. I wanted to just give them a platform to be heard.

He released a new trailer to set the tone for his new LP. Check out the Breaking-Bad inspired video, below.

Source: HNHH

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