Safaree Samuels was best known for being Nicki Minaj’s right hand man, as assistant and ex-boyfriend. Unfortunately, most of the interest in Samuels sparked after he and Nicki called it quits, as people wanted to know the truth behind the separation of the 15-year relationship.

Samuels sat down with VladTV to discuss his music career, his upcoming EP, “It Is What It Is,” and what else he’s doing to secure financial stability.

Aside from his music career, we learn that Samuels owns a restaurant Phillippe Chow, located in Beverly Hills.

When asked how he maintains financial stability Samuels replied,

“I’m not being extra…I don’t need a Phantom, I don’t need a bunch of cars. I got my motorcycles, I got a car, and a truck…The car stuff and all that, it be killing people”

Whether he really means it or not, Samuels continued by saying,

“As long as my car ain’t gonna break down and it ain’t got no rusty stains on it, I’m chilling.”

And I said “whether he really means it or not” because there are a lot of cars that don’t have rusty stains on them and could get Samuels from point A to point B, but would he really be “chilling” and okay with driving a 2002 Honda Civic, per say?

He believes that people who spend money on new cars and other material things trying to impress people simply “don’t know any better.”

However, Samuels says he does try to stunt, which may sound hypocritical of his last few sentences, but his definition of stunting is “doing whatever makes you feel good, I don’t mean going out and showing off, and pulling out money and doing all that nonsense.”

Watch all that Samuels had to say when he sat down with VladTV for the exclusive interview

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