The Houston Rockets’ 2015 NBA Playoffs run came to an end last week after just 5 games against The Golden State Warriors. While there may have been some logical explanations for the tough loss, many people were blaming Lil B…or applauding, depending which team you were rooting for.

Lil B ultimately cursed James Harden after Harden was seen doing the “cooking” dance/celebration, and not crediting Lil B. Whatever “curse” he put on him, things turned out to work in Lil B’s favor as Harden was seen performing poorly throughout the last few games of his Playoff season. Lil B was even in attendance for Game 5, where Harden set a single-game Playoff record for most turnovers. Coincidence?

Although the issue received a great amount of attention, Harden didn’t speak on it throughout the Western Conference Finals.

TMZ caught up with Harden a couple days ago, and when asked about the situation he gave a response that is sure to upset Lil B.

“I don’t even know what happened. I don’t even know…I don’t know who that is”

Will Lil B extend the curse and have it rollover into next season? Should we still fear the beard? Or The Based God?

Source: TMZ

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