Whenever racism rears it’s ugly head, it’s never a good thing. Yesterday, the G.O.O.D music rapper Pusha T took to social media to call out a bar in Virginia Beach for exhibiting racist behavior when he overheard someone at the venue tell the doorman not to let the rapper and his friends in, and that the club was on “guest list only” access for the evening.


The former Clipse member called out the guy who allegedly told the doormen to inform his crew of the “guest list.”Screenshot_2015-06-03-08-57-40-1Screenshot_2015-06-03-08-57-51-1

The V.A. Beach sports bar venue ‘112’ has a history of racial discrimination, according to comments on their Yelp page dating back to June of 2013.

Pusha T then went on to say that the venue changed their page to private after he put them on blast. Screenshot_2015-06-03-08-58-09-1Screenshot_2015-06-03-08-58-34-1

Although they haven’t responded to the claims by Pusha T, we are hoping that some corrective action will be taken in the management area.

VA native Pharrell also spoke out on IG:

@kingpush #raisethebar

A photo posted by Pharrell Williams (@pharrell) on

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