In todays world with the technology right at our fingertips sometimes things don’t come out how we want them to, like when you are so pissed off and you’re texting someone and you meant to say F**k and you spell duck, yeah because we all say duck you.

Anyway, Maci Peterson had an embarrassing moment while texting her boyfriend instead of texting “Sorry I keep missing your calls” it was really “Sorry I keep missing you balls.”

Embarrassed, Maci came up with the app, “On Second Thought.” The app allows users to retract a text message up to 60 seconds after sending it. “It’s what I like to call ‘text regret,’” she told Vixen.
Peterson goes in detail on how she built this app off of an embarrassing text, check out the interview below.

VIBE: How does one come up with the idea of such a life saving app like “On Second Thought?”
Maci Peterson: It’s such a crazy story (laughs). It all really stemmed from a text message that I sent and well auto-correct intervened, and made my text a lot different from what I was actually trying to say.

Read the full interview over at VIBE.

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