Talk about major moves.

One day after a dope (despite the madness) Summer Jam concert, Apple announced their new streaming music service during their highly anticipated Worldwide Developers Conference (#WWDC).  During the live stream, Drake, The Weeknd, Jimmy Lovine and more spoke about the importance of connecting with culture and protecting the artistry of all creators.  With various features offered inside of the new streaming service entitled Apple Music, it is sure to give Tidal and Spotify major competition.

BUT, Apple also announced its’ new 24 hour streaming radio service called Beats 1.  The global service will begin its’ operation in three of the worlds’ most entertainment-heavy hubs, LA, the UK and in NYC.

In LA, host Julie Adenuga is set to start things off in the morning.  Then, former BBC 1 radio host Zane Lowe will take over and finally… **drum roll, please**

EBRO will host a show of his own live from NYC!!! 

As Rosenberg would say, “This is MAJ.”


  When the news broke, lots of fans took to Twitter to express support for our amazing boss.  


And of course, this is the most important retweet came from the Apple Music account, itself.



To be clear, Ebro will still host “Ebro in the Morning” on Hot 97.  After, he will host his live show on Beats 1 Radio which will launch on June 30 across all Apple platforms.  The cost is the standard industry rate of $9.99/month.



Toast the man, clap for him!  This is a major move and well-deserved.

If you want more on the Apple Music service, Complex has the entire scoop.  

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