Hearts are heavy and minds are wandering aimlessly trying to piece together what made 22-year-old Kalief Browder commit suicide after having a seemingly hopeful future to look forward to.

In 2010, a then 16-year-old Browder was wrongfully jailed in Rikers Island in New York for a crime he was later found innocent of. Despite having the right to a speedy trial in America, Browder would wait three years before he would be released. In that time, he faced unimaginable abuse from both prison guards and inmates that affected him even once he was released from Rikers.

Once he came home, Browder had been prescribed medication after a psychiatric evaluation, and had episodes of paranoia that effected his life tremendously. Even after meeting celebs like Jay-Z, appearing on TV to tell his story, and having his tuition paid for to finish college, Browder was never the same. His mother found him hanging from outside his window with a cord wrapped around his neck.

This young mans life was changed forever, and many are blaming our flawed justice system. Had this occurred if Browder was never arrested? Would he have felt the same if the abuse in jail never occurred? What if he would have recieved a speedy trial, and never wasted three years of his young life. This story is certainly a sad one, and deserves attention to make sure these things never happen again.

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