Looks like Kendrick extended his stay in the Garden State. Only about 12 hours after his Summer Jam performance, Kendrick Lamar visited High Tech High School in North Bergen, NJ.

Last March, English teacher and poetry club organizer Brian Mooney, had created a blog using Lamar’s critically acclaimed sophomore album To Pimp A Butterfly to help his freshman class analyze Toni Morrison’s The Bluest Eyes. The following month, Mooney updated the blog with a follow-up that included the students’ responses. The blog went viral, eventually reaching Lamar.

Kendrick spent his afternoon at High Tech listening to students’ poetry, answering questions, recalling his high school years as the quiet kid, and performing for the students.

“I was intrigued that somebody other than myself can articulate and break down the concepts of To Pimp a Butterfly almost better than I can,” Lamar said.

Kendrick said he was surprised that his music was easily understood by 16-year-olds, noting that most of his fans seem to be a little older.

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