When you think of Kanye West, the name is usually synonymous with perfection (or at least attempt at it,) being that he portrays of having nothing but the best in life. Unfortunately, his Yeezy Boost sneakers through Adidas are not so perfect at all…and here’s why.

NikeTalk user HoodyJandro, real name Alejandro Baez, happens to be the latest Yeezy Boost owner to experience this broken zipper trend. After emailing Adidas’s corporate several times about the issue, he told VIBE all he received was a return label for the sold out sneakers. He then decided to Tweet his problem to adidas along with a picture, but has yet to receive a response.

“I just spoke to them on the phone and the lady was pretty rude. I was told they can only offer me a full refund, but they cannot replace or fix the product because they don’t have anymore, and the fix would not put it back to its original state,”

The Yeezy Boost’s were released in February, a handful of owners began experiencing broken zippers. adidas was swift to realize the complaints and said they would do further investigation on the issue at hand, but according to Baez, that’s not the case. The representative mentioned that the brand originally had a plan in place to fix the problem, but that plan has since been abandoned, leaving Baez pissed off with a broken zipper.

“Apparently adidas is nothing like Nike. They won’t budge at all. I explained to her how it’s ridiculous that a $350 product has faulty zippers,”

Let me just say this, if a sneaker is peaking at $1,500+ and the manufacturer tells me it can’t and won’t be fixed, they would never hear the end of it, but in a positive light let’s hope the brand gets the ball rolling and fix these issues.

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