Jim Jones, Juelz Santana and Trav were attempting entry into Canada yesterday afternoon for an 11-date tour, but were promptly denied due to their lengthy history of arrests. According to the guys, this will now set them back $500k. (I highly doubt they were getting this much for 11 shows, but who knows…)

TMZ reports that some of the issues that came up when running their background checks were:

Juelz Santana

  • Arrested for making death threat (2009)
  • Another arrest for terrorist threats (2011)
  • Jim Jones

  • Arrested for casino brawl (2012)
  • Arrested for DWI (2013)
  • Arrested for disorderly conduct (2013)
  • However, Jim says he’d expected this in advance, and had hired lawyers who worked with immigration and the FBI and made sure they were okay to cross. Perhaps next time they should get better lawyers?

    Source: TMZ

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