Big Sean seems to be very caring and supportive of the youth, and this time around he is giving back in an awesome way.  The Detroit rapper chose to donate money to build a new recording studio in Cass Technical High School –the school he actually went to in Detroit, MI.

Big Sean, with help from Adidas, built the entire studio and named it  “Sean Anderson Studio of Infinite Possibilities.” He recently traveled to Detroit for the first day open and took MTV with him to show us exactly what he did. Big Sean goes on to say:

“Education is changing, man, a lot of these kids, they’re out of the traditional way of learning. We try and misdiagnose them with things like ADD or this and that, and sometimes it may be the case, sometimes it’s not. Sometimes, they’re addicted to their phones because that’s how they’re learning now. Things are changing. This is a step forward in that direction.”

Big Sean hopes his studio helps students to follow their dreams and not continue to think in the box. “They can learn so much, from engineering, to recording, to just creating,” he said. “The possibilities are endless.”

Check out the tour below!

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