Our generation (the current 20-somethings) are the first to grow up as the Internet did simultaneously, having experienced everything from the olden days of dial-up AOL service (OMG when your mom picked up the phone while you were trying to connect?!!?!?!?) to now the zillion and one things we can do with a smart phone. It’s not rare or out-of-the-norm now to hear of love stories blossoming from online dating services or even Twitter DMs (or Facebook messages for Saved By The Bell‘s Lark Voorhies,) and it’s also a huge catalyst in the careers of some of our favorite celebrities. Tyler, The Creator is one of them.

The California native made his debut on Jimmy Kimmel Live! last night to promote his new (and quite successful) Golf Media app, and in the midst of discussing its features and his previous jobs at FedEx and Starbucks, Tyler revealed a fun fact about his stage name: he got it from MySpace. (Another fun fact: Childish Gambino actually got his name from one of those silly name generators for Wu-Tang.)

Check out the clip below to find out what role MySpace had in Tyler‘s name creation.

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