Twitter was in an uproar yesterday when Nielsen Soundscan numbers were released, and Troy Ave‘s less-than-stellar sales for his new album Major Without A Deal were revealed. 4,373 units sold, only 30 of which were physical copies. Ouch.

Before you jump on the slander bandwagon, though (as much as I know you want to) – there are a lot of misconceptions surrounding these numbers.

Major Without A Deal was released on iTunes this past Friday – 3 days LATER than when albums are traditionally released. Soundscan charts close on Sunday night, thus only reporting 3 days worth of sales for Troy‘s album…not 6. As for the physical sales, the hard copies actually weren’t even released until this past Tuesday – meaning they were NOT a part of this week’s Soundscan numbers. The 30 that were reported come from mom and pop shops that illegally sold them before the intended release date.

I’m not the biggest fan of this guy because I think his attitude is pure trash, but I also believe everyone deserves a fair shot and factual reporting. In response to the backlash, Troy tweeted the following:

official #’s in Fri or Mon. since album dropped last Fri but at 95% +30k singles sold & hosting’s I Prob made 120 THOUSAND in 1week #RTthat [laughing emoji]

I think his math is a bit off, but either way…we can’t totally judge until next week. (And we definitely will then.)

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