Rose Nicholas is her name, not Taylor! She has blonde hair, long legs, blue eyes, and a hipster style just like Taylor too. Rose is a retail worker turned impersonator and now making up to £400 ($450) every time she impersonates Taylor at an event. There is a downside to this though, as she was recently chased by a mob of young girls as she stepped into a taxi and described that incident as terrifying.

Rose said when she was 17 years old friends first noticed her resemblance to the singer. Rose went on to say:

“I had long, blonde curly hair just like Taylor when her career was starting out as a country singer. My brother’s friends would all comment on how much I looked like her. Then after I started university in Leeds, random people would start to approach me on nights out. Drunk students would shout at me, asking for a photo with Taylor Swift!”

Rose goes on to say as Taylor got more famous, more people would tell her she looked just like the singer. And the day Rose’s life made a complete 360 was the day she came to America in 2013. She came here to work and travel for a few months right after Taylor’s album Red dropped. She claims everywhere she went – Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Louisiana – people would stop her or follow her with their phones. Some fans would even ask her to sing for them.

She says that she doesn’t mind taking selfies with people, and that her relationship problems are just like Taylor’s! So far she has made over £10,000 ($11,260) with at least one job a month. Check out some photos of her below and let us know what you think. Would you be fooled?

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