Charles Barkley may not be your favorite NBA-legend-turned-sportscaster, but his latest move will make you want shake his hand.

According to The Root, the NBA on TNT host pledged to give Morehouse Journalism & Sports program $1 million dollars to support the school’s prestigious curriculum.  The man who once played against Jordan, who now breaks down the plays of new greats like Lebron, knows exactly what type of funding a program of this standard needs in order for its’ students to be successful.  So, instead of talking about it, he put his money where his (big) mouth is.  Respect.

In a press release sent out to the media, JSP director Ron Thomas praised Barkley for his contributions.

“We aim to produce the media’s next generation of image makers, from columnists to digital specialists, covering a wide variety of news and marketing positions.  “Charles Barkley has always been very generous to students in our Journalism and Sports Program on a personal level. I am thrilled that Charles has greatly extended his generosity by donating $1 million to address our growing needs.”

The Morehouse Journalism and Sports Program was founded and created by famed director Spike Lee and legendary sports writer, Ralph Wiley.  Find out more about the program on its’ website.

More stories like this, please.

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