Sometimes when things seem too good to be true, it’s because they usually are. “Make It Nasty” was Tyga’s 2011 hit song that really bumped up his career to the next level. However, the negative outcomes seem to be outbalancing the positives. The explicit music video that accompanied the song has been the cause of several lawsuits, which the Cali rapper is apparently still dealing with almost 4 years later.

One video vixen, Allison Brown, had sued Tyga back in 2013 making some serious claims against the November 2011 video shoot. Brown, who at the time wasn’t of legal age, claimed that upon arriving to the Hollywood Hills mansion she was served alcoholic drinks without being asked for I.D. She claimed that an unidentifiable man dressed in a bunny suit had dry humped her and that another man grabbed her breasts.

Brown also claimed that the casting ad stated that there would be no nudity involved in the shoot. Eventually she was convinced to dance topless by producers who assured the girls that their breasts would either be edited out or covered.

…No nipples were covered in the making of this video.

In the end, Brown sued T-Raww for invasion of privacy, fraud, sexual battery, and infliction of emotional distress. The case was brought to court and settled after it was agreed that the Young Money rapper would hand over $50,000. Brown, who has only received half of what was agreed on, recently filed a court document asking judges to force Tyga to pay the balance -$25,000- plus a financial penalty charge to compensate for her inconvenience.

Some may be skeptical and inclined to believe that Brown is simply looking for quick bucks, but she wasn’t the first or last to sue Tyga over similar allegations.

I wonder how Kylie Jenner- who isn’t of legal age- feels when she reads about Tyga’s poor behavior toward teenage girls.

Source: TMZ

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