What happens in the White House, stays in the White House…? Apparently that’s the case for Obama and his officials, since they had a party with Prince and Stevie Wonder last weekend. During yesterday’s briefing, reporters continuously asked Josh Earnest, the White House press secretary, about the party but he didn’t have much to say except:

“The President and first lady did hold a private party at the White House over the weekend, but given the private nature of that event, I don’t have a lot of details to discuss from here.”

Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson posted this picture with his girlfriend Ciara to his instagram. The caption to it is “Dancing at The @WhiteHouse to Prince and Stevie Wonder with my lady Ciara. Thanks Mr. President and First Lady!”

Screen Shot 2015-06-16 at 8.24.20 AM

According to the New York Post, 500 guests were at the Saturday night concert, including CEOs and a bunch of different singers, athletes, and movie stars. The White House is sure not to release the guest list. What the White House did tell us though is that the Obamas paid for the party all by themselves. Earnest said:

“The President and the first lady reserve the right to hold private parties at the White House, and they did it on their own dime. Most people across the country would acknowledge that the Obamas should be able to open their home up to guests for a private party on a Saturday night.”

And they did a good job of hosting that party, according to director/screen writer Ava DuVernay, calling it one of the “best house parties” she’s ever gone to.

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