This is strange. Usually when a couple gets into an argument where objects begin to be tossed and broken, it is the other person’s belongings, not your own. Well in Gilbert Arenas’ case, he took a cinder block and began to smash it into his own car.

Now let’s get into details. We all heard of this messy break up between him and his long time now ex-girlfriend Laura Govan. In March, TMZ spilled the tea that Govan was suing Arenas after he supposedly kicked her out of the LA home they shared, and also took back and sold the $1 million engagement ring he had given her. Between all of this is a nasty custody battle, According to Arenas’s Instagram, Govan was seeking $244,000 a month in alimony and one day a month of visitation rights, but that never happened so now she is allegedly trying to deteriorate Arenas’s image.

The strange part about all of this is his Instagram post, Arenas went on a rampage and took all frustration out on his car after Govan busted a bunch of windows in their home, but most of all he was pissed that she had thrown his laptop in the pool. Although he was not really upset of the physical object but more so because he did not remember his netflix password which was auto saved on his laptop.

“I don’t remember my #Netflix passed it was autosaved, you piece of shyt, u take a person #Netflix away, nothing else matters.”

You can watch the IG post below, but I need answers from our viewers. What is your take on this situation? Is netflix worth bashing a Mercedes Benz?

Source: Complex

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