You’ve seen the hashtag, #BlackLivesMatter, but how can you contribute to the movement? With the latest events, it’s clear that the time is now to mobilize and work together to create change.

A lot of organizations claim to be of help, but some seem to be there for the publicity and donations. To name a few of organizations who are actually putting the foot work in to make a change are:

1.  NAACP, This organization, based in Baltimore, MD, is the oldest black organization that fights for civil rights and equal opportunity.

2.  National Urban League (NUL), This black organization empowers and encourages African Americans to be active in the political and professional arena.

3.  Blacks In Government (BIG), Promotes equity in all aspects of life, and excellence in public service. They are based in Washington, DC.

4.  African American Speaker Bureau (AASB)
This organization is dedicated to the representation of people and projects that address the issues, concerns and celebrations of the African American community. They are based in San Francisco, California.

5.  National Association of Blacks In Criminal Justice (NABCJ), Provides leaders dedicated to improving the administration of criminal justice, with a goal of achieving equal justice for blacks and other minorities. They are based in Durham, North Carolina.

6. This is a newer site which has made its’ rounds on Twitter.  Sign up for their newsletter and receive updates on how you can help the #BlackLivesMatter movement.

7. Donate to Emanuel AME Church: Support the church of the shooting by giving funds from wherever you are. The link to donate is on the right section of their homepage.

The African American community is often ignored by mainstream organizations, or even the public so to speak. In addition, Black organizations serve specific needs that only pertain to African American families. If you ever feel hopeless, the links above are there to help, no one should feel alone in a world full of people.

About The Author Julia Garced

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