Big Sean’s next Dark Sky Paradise single “One Man Change The World” is a beautifully composed tribute to his late grandmother who is also featured in the song alongside of Kanye and John Legend. The rapper revealed the single late last evening (June 18) with a series of tweets to show the significance behind the track.

“never had a song like this be a single, it’s different then what’s on radio, but I feel it’s needed w/ all the craziness goin on right now.. know it’s hard to imagine me not cursing on a song/single… (Cues up IDFWU, etc lol). But honestly I’m proud to have a song so heartfelt n Real to me be 1 of my singles n not just a album song. I promised myself only music from the heart from now on when I made this album… I hope my grandma is looking down smiling on me right now. Because the struggles she went through to become a female black captain in WW2, One of the 1st female black officers in Detroit, a teacher/counselor, an amazing mom/grandma were too great for this song not to be a single. I’m sure u can relate if you ever had somebody like that who changed your world. hope yall buy, support, and request this much needed song!”

The video just dropped, check it out.

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