The Charleston shooting is something that is not going to be easily forgotten. Nine innocent lives were taken by the hands of 21 year old Dylan Roof Wednesday night. Like many across the country, hearing about this tragedy touched Nas’s heart. While premiering his new film Fresh Dressed, VIBE decided to ask the rapper about his feelings toward the situation. Nas went on to say:

“Mental illness is something that I wish we could detect earlier on — from birth. So we don’t have to worry about who’s who? Who are we walking around? Who are the people that we are living around us that are sick? That really need help.”

While Nas spoke about us needing more education on mental illnesses, he also addressed how racism is rotting America.

“We have to live our life in this zoo. How do we heal the people that are mentally ill today? How do we make them more respectful of each other no matter what race they are? Racism is rotting America. It’s been rotting America since [its] inception. So this is a very serious time that we’re moving into in 2015.”

He summed it up by letting the families and close friends that were touched by the tragedy know that they are in his prayers.


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