How many times have you sent an email only to realize you misspelled a word, could’ve chosen better overall wording, forgot a period or comma? Chances are it’s been more than once. Well, thanks to our friends over at Google we no longer have to worry.

The ‘Undo Send’ option does exactly what you’d expect it to do. It allows users a maximum of 30 seconds to unsend an email containing grammatical errors, too many emotions, or too many visuals…if you know what we mean.

The feature isn’t automatically enabled but can be turned on by logging onto your Gmail account on a computer (rather than a mobile device) and clicking the settings menu, which appears as a little gear icon.

To access the ‘undo send’ feature from a mobile device, users will have to download Gmail’s Inbox app as opposed to using the standard Gmail app.

We’re sure this will save all of us from some embarrassment.

About The Author Andrea Vega

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