Monday afternoon, Sean “Diddy” Combs was arrested after assaulting former UCLA football coach Rich Neuheisel because he didn’t like the way he was treating his son Justin. Earlier today, Neutheisel who co-hosts a SiriusXM radio show, went on air and gave some further details regarding the incident.

One of Nueheisel’s first comments was that Justin probably wouldn’t even be wearing a Bruins football uniform if Diddy wasn’t his dad. He admitted that the fact that Justin was Diddy’s son played a big role in his decision to give him an offer. Although Justin’s body build wasn’t the type to be able to dominate the field, he still had potential and the decision to give him an offer wasn’t based solely on his last name.

Neuheisel gave some insight on what may have sparked the Monday afternoon incident.

“Justin had missed some workouts prior to this and had said to Sal [Alosi] that he was doing workouts with his dad’s private trainer. There are discretionary workouts and mandatory workouts. The NCAA has a window of time. Discretionary workouts, he missed, which he’s allowed to — they’re discretionary. He had said he’s working out with his dad’s trainer… Justin looks a little out of shape, and there was something said. He was actually removed from the workout. (Diddy) got the report from Justin and marched over.”

Apparently, UCLA’s plan was to move on from the incident without pressing charges or an official statement.

“What I learned was they were going to let this go, because the UCLA folks didn’t want to press charges. But when the campus police arrived on the scene, they looked at the film.”

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Source: Complex

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