Via LifeIsTremendez:

The Atlanta Hawks will have new uniforms come the ’15-16 season, and much to fans’ delight, they will be bringing back their classic Pac-Man logo. To many fans’ displeasure, however, a shade of neon green has also been incorporated…and apparently, you can blame T.I. for it!

ATL native Tip attended a game back in November, and was asked his opinion. According to Hawks chief creative officer, Peter Sorckoff:

“We had lots of options, but he opened up a bag and pulled out a lime-green flat-billed New Era hat with the blue brim — he just showed up with it. He said, ‘Man, I want the green one.’”

The pick was a throwback 1970 Pete Maravich jersey with a similar shade of green – one that remains one of the team’s best sellers. That, according to Sorckoff, validated their already-existing thoughts of going with the color. What do you think of the new uniforms?

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