We all have the write to freedom of speech, but there is also something else that should come in to play when you are speaking with someone, no less the President, and that something is called respect. On Wednesday, during a White house speech honoring LGBT month, a heckler, which is identified as Jennicet Gutierrez.

Usually President Obama handles these hooligans by overriding their interruptions as he continues what he is about to say. Well, the Wednesday White house speech went a little different as Obama clapped back with a little finger notion.

He also told the heckler:

“Hold on a second I, OK, you know what? No no no no no. You’re in my house.”

Talk about being stopped in your tracks, she was eventually escorted to leave. Let that be a lesson to be learned, when you’re in someone else’s house, show respect or get kicked out.

Source: VIBE

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