YG was shot earlier this month, and hasn’t spoken out on this incident until his interview with Billboard. With all the speculation, YG clears up most of the rumors that were floating around during his silence. He explained to Billboard that the shooting was in fact not gang related, and he was not shot three times, more like he was shot one time and that same bullet caused three wounds.

If getting shot was not enough for YG, on his way to the hospital the car his friend was driving collided into a median trying to avoid another car.

“Take me to the hospital, because I can’t die.”

He also told a crazy story of almost getting hurt AGAIN, just after getting shot.

“We hop in my homie’s car and bam — we got in a car accident! We hit an island trying to avoid another car. We had to hop out of the totaled car, hop in another car.”

On the bright side, YG discussed his new album Still Krazy, though he did not mention an album release date. What we do know, however, is he’s halfway done with the project, and despite their “differences,” DJ Mustard will probably have one song on the album.

Read the full interview over at Billboard.

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